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Mastering professional feedback for team development and continuous improvement

Most of us recognize the potential of feedback. Most of us want to receive helpful feedback. At the same time, exchanging feedback is feared and makes us feel uncomfortable.

Once we master professional feedback, it will lead to self-assurance, inclusion, learning, personal development, team development, and continuous improvement.

Training purpose

This one-day team training creates a momentum for teams to expand, reinforce, or get started with the use of feedback, to cultivate team development and continuous improvement.

Mastering feedback

In the first part of this training, participants will gain insights in

Using feedback in your team

The second part will be about

In this second part of the training, we will experiment with a lightweight, self-directed and self-controllable approach which connects feedback with team goals and team development and which integrates continuous improvement through reflection and adaptation.

Team learning

This training is a highly interactive joint effort, where gaining shared insights is put in the foreground. Exercises are included to practice skills and learn from experience.

This training is fully in line with agile principles. Knowledge of "Agile" is not required though. Any team that has a desire to develop as a team can benefit from this training.

Successful use of feedback within a team is a team skill. For this reason, it is highly recommended that all members of a team participate in this training together.

Training variants

Beside the team training format, this training is available for groups of up to 10 coaches or others who are interested. Other, tailor-made variants are possible as well. I will be happy to discuss your wishes.

More information

Feel free to contact me via or +31 6 51529556 for more information or to book this training. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Peter Kemp
trainer and coach
experienced and certified agile coach